How To Safely Get Rid of Used Medical Equipment

Whether it’s broken, unused, or getting replaced, it can be difficult to decide on how to safely get rid of used medical equipment. Maybe you’re upgrading the equipment in the operating room or just don’t use a specific piece of equipment, the reasons don’t matter. Just know that there are many options available, and figuring out which one is the best choice for you and your practice isn’t easy. That’s why we’ve listed out the best ways of doing so, along with the best reasons why you should do it for each method.

Selling the Equipment

This option is by far the most beneficial. If you sell your used equipment, you’re letting someone else get what they need for a reasonable price. You’re also keeping a piece of usable equipment out of a landfill it doesn’t need to be in. Plus, you get some money in return for doing so, which you can put towards the equipment your old stuff is going to replace. It’s a win-win situation.

While it’s possible to sell used medical equipment directly to other practices through websites such as eBay and Craigslist, this isn’t always your best option since you have to make sure the machine or device is still in proper working order. Selling to us is much more beneficial because we will refurbish equipment that isn’t up to par. We will also give you extra savings if you use your money to buy a new piece of equipment from our site.

Donating the Equipment

If you don’t need the extra cash and want to give back to the community, you could always donate your used equipment. Talk to other medical practices to see if they’re interested. Many hospitals and care facilities will refuse donations due to liability concerns, but it never hurts to reach out to them and see if they’re interested.

Other options for donating are Goodwill and the Salvation Army. Both of these establishments are known for taking walkers and wheelchairs from medical facilities but can take other types of medical equipment as well. Whichever method you choose for donation, it can always be taken as a tax write-off, which is a nice bonus.

Disposing of the Equipment

Our final tip on how to safely get rid of used medical equipment is probably the most popular option. If your machine or device is past the point of having any possibility of repair, then this is the only way to proceed. Simply dispose of the equipment. Many companies do this because it’s easy.

We don’t recommend this option, but if you decide to go with it, be sure to do it through the proper channels. If the equipment has any metals or other recyclable materials, make sure they get sent to a recycling plant. If it has batteries, remove them, and send them off to a hazardous waste facility. Anything else should be sent to a junk removal business. Don’t just throw it all away and call it a day, though. There are almost always parts of the machine or device that need to be disposed of in a safer fashion.