A Comprehensive Guide To Cosmetic Laser Procedures

The first thing to share in a comprehensive guide to cosmetic laser procedures is to talk with your clients about their self-image, efficacy, and to ask about their self-confidence. During this time, ask about their end goals, expectations, and post-operation plans. Some things you may not be able to accomplish, and others may be outside of your ethical scope.

Before the Procedure

Before allowing your patient’s permission for surgery, they must undergo physicals, lab work, and screens. Depending on the severity of the case, they may also have to make some lifestyle changes.

Pre-Operation Appointment

Set up an initial appointment with your client to assess their initial health level. If all is well, they can move on to lab work and pre-operation. If not, meet with them and discuss results and lifestyle changes that need to occur to get their cosmetic laser procedure.

Lab Work

After the appointment, do lab work to test your patient’s glucose levels, blood, and toxins. If they have cautionary levels for anything and cannot make the changes in time, push their date back further and retest. Lab work ensures there will be no adverse effects during the cosmetic laser procedure.

A Lifestyle Change

If you must sit down with your patient and create a plan to change their lifestyle factors, this could be a great time to promote health benefits, physical trainers, and kinesiology interns! Trainers can assist the patient by recommending diets, exercises, and further educating them about their bodies.

During the Procedure

Some people have never had surgery before, so talking them through what's about to happen and telling them what you’re doing while you’re doing it eases people's nerves. It's essential to keep all vitals well during this. If you use anesthesia, for instance, be aware of possible blood clots in the client's legs.

After the Procedure

This comprehensive guide to a cosmetic laser procedure can handily ensure you know how to have your client set up well post-operation.

Post-Operation Appointment

Set up a post-operation appointment for your patient a week after surgery. During this appointment, you should ask about their post-operation feelings and do other assessments. Afterward, proceed to schedule monthly appointments, which will check that they’re healing and assist with anything else. If you’re not confident about how they’re taking care of their aftercare, document and refer outward to help the patient to prevent malpractice claims.


Be aware of your patient and their history with opioids since they will be given some for the pain. Also, give patients a warning about the side effects of the medicine!


Patients need to be properly transported without inflicting any harm; ensure you have a recovery house and nurse near to heal and aide them. You want to ensure their results look the best. If you're interested in adding a less invasive surgery for your salon or mobile service, check out the cosmetic laser equipment available here at All States M.E.D.!