5 Tips To Avoid Costly Cosmetic Laser Repairs

It’s often more cost- and time-effective to prevent problems with your laser equipment than to make repairs. As Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Protect your business with proper equipment use and maintenance; remember these five tips to avoid costly cosmetic laser repairs.

1. Don’t Jostle or Drop Equipment

Roughly moving or dropping your equipment can cause serious damage. Be sure to transfer your cosmetic laser over a smooth surface to avoid harming any components.

Additionally, your laser’s handpieces contain sensitive parts. Dropping the handpiece can cause alignment issues and prevent the part from working properly.

2. Keep the Laser System Cool

Keeping your system cool prevents overheating, thus protecting the patient, your equipment, and the operator. Keep the treatment room cool to help prevent overheating.

Follow your manufacturer’s instructions for maintaining the cooling system. Every day, check the cooling system’s water levels; refill it using deionized water or a coolant additive as your manufacturer specifies.

3. Protect the Equipment From Liquids

Your laser equipment is full of electronic components that you must keep dry. When you fill the reservoir with coolant, do not overfill as leaks can cause catastrophic damage.

The best practice is to keep drinks and other liquids away from the equipment. Clean up spills around the device immediately. If liquid seeps into the machine, turn off the power, unplug the device, remove the liquid as much as possible, and let the device air dry.

4. Clean the Treatment Room and Equipment

A clean treatment room and laser equipment protect the health and well-being of your patients and staff. It also helps you avoid costly cosmetic laser equipment repairs since dust and other debris can enter the laser system and impact the device’s performance.

Regularly remove dust from the floor and other surfaces in the treatment room. Dust and vacuum the vents on your laser device to prevent buildup, electrical damage, and overheating.

5. Schedule Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance performed every six months will keep your cosmetic laser in the best condition. The service technician can make sure the optic beam, mirrors, and lenses are in good working order. If needed, they can make simple changes to your equipment. And since you have this time scheduled for preventative maintenance, you won’t be out of commission or surprised by something falling apart.

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