5 Tips for Maintaining Portable Ultrasound Machines

Poor equipment care lowers ultrasound performance and can lead to complete system failure. Ensure reliable imaging results with the following tips for maintaining portable ultrasound machines.

1. Inspect Cables and Connectors Every Day

Improvements in cable manufacturing have helped spur ultrasound advancement. As ultrasounds develop greater capabilities, manufacturers use special designs to reduce the sizes and weights of the cables to improve flexibility.

Every day, check the cables and connectors on the machine. When pulling on cords and cables, grab them close to the connection. Avoid rolling chairs and other equipment over lines as the pinching can break the wires inside. If you notice frayed or damaged cords, replace them before resuming use of the machine.

2. Handle the Transducer With Care

A crucial tip for maintaining a portable ultrasound machine is to handle the transducer with care. The probe touches the patient directly, so it must be kept clean. And since the transducer emits ultrasound waves, it’s essential to avoid damaging this piece to ensure accurate and clear images.

After each session with a patient, wipe down the transducer and cables that have touched the patient. Inspect the housing for cracks and dents, and check the lens for cuts and swelling. If you notice a problem with the transducer, replace or repair the damaged part.

3. Wipe Down the Equipment

Equipment operators must clean ultrasound parts that come into direct contact with patients between each ultrasound session. But at the end of every day, the operator should wipe down the entire unit, including the trackball, keyboard, screen, and cables.

Dust negatively affects electromechanical components, and these components tend to attract dust. Wiping down the machine every day will prevent damaging buildup. Use manufacturer-approved cleaning supplies, like a mild soap solution applied with a lint-free cloth.

4. Clean the Air Filters

Your ultrasound equipment generates heat, and overheated components can experience performance issues. Ultrasound machines take in cool air to prevent this problem.

Air filters protect the ultrasound’s internal system by keeping out dust and other airborne debris. A clogged air filter decreases airflow, putting your machine at risk of overheating. Inspect your air filters and follow your equipment manufacturer’s cleaning instructions to maintain the unit.

5. Disinfect Everything

Manufacturers usually recommend disinfecting procedures for equipment. If body fluids touch any machine parts, disinfect the affected areas immediately. Wipe the equipment with manufacturer-approved cleaners.

Technicians touch the user interface systems and monitors every day. Disinfect these areas to eliminate the chance of personnel contracting or spreading infectious diseases.

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