5 Pieces of Blood Pressure Equipment for Your Medical Office

Your facility requires accurate blood pressure devices to help you diagnose, treat, and monitor your patients. Discover five pieces of blood pressure equipment for your medical office.

1. Clockface Aneroid BP Instrument

Read blood pressure measurements with ease thanks to a large clock-style gauge. A glowing dial improves visibility for a range of light conditions, and you can rotate the gauge for flexible viewing. Get an optional cuff basket for convenient, space-saving storage.

2. Mobile Blood Pressure Clock

Move your aneroid sphygmomanometer where you need it with a rolling stand. Like the wall-mounted device, a mobile blood pressure clock has a large face for easy viewing. Keep equipment on the rolling stand so you can bring your equipment to the patient, or mount the clock and cuff basket on the wall to save space.

3. Spot-Check Monitor

Another piece of blood pressure equipment for your medical office is a spot-check monitor. Use a spot-check vital signs monitor to measure noninvasive blood pressure, oxygen saturation, pulse rate, and temperature. Improve your workflow with this efficient and reliable device.

4. Ambulatory Blood Pressure Recorder

Not all blood pressure changes are detectable while a patient is in your office. Assess the patient’s blood pressure during their daily activities and at night with an ambulatory blood pressure monitor.

An ambulatory blood pressure monitor can continuously record measurements for 24 hours or longer. The discreet size makes it less intrusive for patients, and reliable software ensures accurate measurements.

5. A Range of BP Cuff Sizes

Patient preparation and positioning are only part of the process of getting an accurate blood pressure measurement. Using one cuff size for all patients can lead to inaccurate measurements and faulty diagnoses; errors become more pronounced for patients with obesity.

Cuff size is based on the patient’s mid-arm circumference. Large and extra-large adult cuff sizes can improve the healthcare you provide patients.

Browse All States M.E.D.’s vital signs equipment for your medical office. Our devices work efficiently to provide you with essential information about your patient’s body functions. Shop with us today for professional blood pressure equipment.