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Evo Aquafacial Skin Care System - Cleanse, Extract and Hydrate

Evo Aquafacial Skin Care System - Cleanse, Extract and Hydrate

$ 8,599.00 $ 10,999.00

Evo Aquafacial Skin Care System - Comparable to Hydrafacial

The Evo Aquafacial is the most innovative skin care system combining four technologies: Aqua technology, OxyGemeo™ Technology, Quapollar™ Technology and uCosmo™ Technology.

Cleanse, Extract and Hydrate

I. General Technical Specific

1. Work Mode: Aqua, OxyGemeo, QuaPollar, uCosmo;
2. Aqua Paramenters: Vacuum Scope: 25kPa-90kPa; Bubble Size: 10 m;
3. OxyGemeo Parameters: Energy Level: 10-100; Increment:10;
4. QuaPollar Parameters: Electrode Quantity: 4; Energey Level: 10-100,
Incremet: 10; Frequency: 1MHz;
5. uCosmo Parameters: Ultrasound Energy Level: 10-100,
Increment: 10, Ultrasound Frequency: 1MHz;
Vibration Energy Level: 10-100, Increment: 10;
6. Rated Input Power: 50VA;
7. Net Weight: 20kg, Gross Weight: 30Kg (Aluminum Package)/ 26Kg (Paper Package)
8. Machine Size: L 500mm x W 460mm x H 1050mm;

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