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$ 13,894.74

CARDIOVIT CS-200 CLASSIC with large 19" High Resolution Color Flat Screen - Diagnostic System Proven clinical excellence. Productivity enhancing applications and features and expanded networking. With industry leading algorithms CS-200 enables you to quickly and easily access cardiac function during exercise for greater diagnostic confidence. Connect your CS-200 to a local area network (LAN) and you can store patient data and test results to a central database. This enables physicians to review, edit and print data remotely, for maximum efficiency in your stress lab. Standard unit with 4 x USB port 2.0, including - WIN 7 pro Embedded.

Note: Treadmill, Printer and are sold separately.


- SCHILLER resting ECG software with 12 simultaneous leads

- SCHILLER ECG measurement software M, incl. average complexes, measurement markers and detailed measurement results table

- Data management software - enhanced pacemaker detection- rhythm recording in resting mode - QT dispersion software

- PDF export software - HR trend export to EXCEL file - worklist software

SCHILLER Exercise EXEC & EXEC PLUS Software CS-200

- real-time average complexes - real-time continuous ST analysis

- reanalyze possibility of complete exercise test with ST, HR and BP trends

- enlarged QRS presentation

- user definable protocols to control bicycle or treadmill ergometer

- 12-channel full disclosure of complete stress test


Upgradeable to Holter, cardiopulmonary exercise and/or Spirometry (Without treadmill or ergometer).



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